Top Five Benefits of Business VoIP


The main benefits of using VoIP technologies in a business setting have to do with cost efficiency and portability. Unified communications is more and more necessary as the business world goes virtual, with key personnel spread out across the globe in many cases.The first major benefit is cost saving potential. Long distance calls and high volume calling drop precipitously in price once a private data network is set up to enable SIP based calling. Line costs, equipment, maintenance and upgrades are eliminated. Once the set up cost is covered (and this is often minimal), the single centralized network allows unified communications, with no need for separate internet, data transfer and legacy telephony systems.The second benefit is portability. With VoIP for business, users can take their equipment anywhere they can access the internet, and switch effortlessly between desktop, laptop and even mobile devices with ease. Softphones have a full range of features almost like a miniature desk phone, and allow connectivity with the network form almost any location, This allows team members to be mobile while remaining available at the push of a button.The third benefit is the media available over VoIP. Traditional phones are limited to voice, text and fax, with limited video ability or conferencing options. VoIP allows connections to be made on a variety of levels, integrating a variety of protocols and applications for a seamless way to stay in contact and see if and when other users are available. Web browsing, email access, click to call capability and find me follow me are all easily implemented and accessed.The fourth benefit is the user interface. No other application offers so much and is so easy for users to configure and use. Some providers allow each user to customize their experience by changing features, options and services, from speed dialing to anonymous call blocking or even music on hold or automatic transfer if calls go unanswered.The fifth benefit is the ability to strip your business of geographical limitations. Offshore companies can utilize a US phone number; you can have virtual offices with a local presence in both California and New York even if you are based in Phoenix; and expand your business beyond a brick and mortar building.VoIP for business offers a rich user experience that promotes a productive work environment with more options than ever before for virtual networking and telecommuting – resulting in less employee turnover and the ability to become flexible in a changing world.


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