10 Ways to Secure Your Personal Data


Today, the value of a computer is not based on cost but on the kind of data that it stores. Everyone has some amount of data on their computer that they would like to secure, whether it is their personal details, banking information, important documents or family photos from their great grandmother’s 100th birthday. This article lists out 10 ways by which you can secure data on your computer.1. Use a Tiered Data Protection Model – The implementation of a tiered data protection model which has multiple defence rings will help counter most threats to the security of your data. Since these kinds of data protection models use many layers of protection, it will also be easy to isolate data in case of a breach in security either from internal or external sources.2. Install Good Spyware and Malware Programs – This is run of the mill advice for data protection, but it is very important that you install an anti malware program on your computer, whether you are using a PC or a Mac. Windows Defender is a great anti-malware software for PCs; you can also download some of the top recommended software from CNet downloads.3. Restrict User Access – When securing data that is stored on your computer, especially sensitive information, it is a good idea to restrict physical access to the machine itself. This means restricting the number of people who can physically access the computer. You can do this by keeping the computer/notebook in a locked cupboard or locked room.4. Tighten Logical Security – You will also need to tighten the logical security, which includes authentication, passwords and other such measures. When trying to secure data, it is important to keep track of permissions and access restrictions that affect the data.5. Encryption – Encryption is a great way to ensure that the only people who can access the data on your computer are those with clearance for it. Encrypting data is easily accomplished on Windows machines, especially on MS office documents. Windows Vista has the added option of encrypting files.6. Authorise Notification Alerts – All operating systems provide users with the option of turning on alerts which will notify users whenever something changes or is happening on the computer. These alerts make you aware of changes and will require you to authorize them, before they are put into motion. Notification alerts make it much easier to control what is happening on your computer.7. Put Up Good Firewalls – Firewalls have to be installed on all computers to help protect your data from outside viruses and malware. Ensure that you pick a strong firewall that is customized to fit your browsing habits.8. Secure Your Data With Backups and Archives – Most of the time, security breaches occur in unsecured archives and backups, therefore it is important to secure one’s data backups, recoveries and archives.9. Data Transfer – When moving data electronically across networks, it is crucial to create a safe and secure transfer environment, whether transferring over a public or a private network. In order to do this, it is a good idea to create a virtual private network, encrypt the data and follow the IPSec protocol.10. Knowledge is Power – The most important thing to remember is to be aware of the latest developments in the world of online security and to be up to date. Ensure that the necessary measures that can be implemented in order to guarantee the safety of your personal data are in place.


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Top Five Benefits of Business VoIP


The main benefits of using VoIP technologies in a business setting have to do with cost efficiency and portability. Unified communications is more and more necessary as the business world goes virtual, with key personnel spread out across the globe in many cases.The first major benefit is cost saving potential. Long distance calls and high volume calling drop precipitously in price once a private data network is set up to enable SIP based calling. Line costs, equipment, maintenance and upgrades are eliminated. Once the set up cost is covered (and this is often minimal), the single centralized network allows unified communications, with no need for separate internet, data transfer and legacy telephony systems.The second benefit is portability. With VoIP for business, users can take their equipment anywhere they can access the internet, and switch effortlessly between desktop, laptop and even mobile devices with ease. Softphones have a full range of features almost like a miniature desk phone, and allow connectivity with the network form almost any location, This allows team members to be mobile while remaining available at the push of a button.The third benefit is the media available over VoIP. Traditional phones are limited to voice, text and fax, with limited video ability or conferencing options. VoIP allows connections to be made on a variety of levels, integrating a variety of protocols and applications for a seamless way to stay in contact and see if and when other users are available. Web browsing, email access, click to call capability and find me follow me are all easily implemented and accessed.The fourth benefit is the user interface. No other application offers so much and is so easy for users to configure and use. Some providers allow each user to customize their experience by changing features, options and services, from speed dialing to anonymous call blocking or even music on hold or automatic transfer if calls go unanswered.The fifth benefit is the ability to strip your business of geographical limitations. Offshore companies can utilize a US phone number; you can have virtual offices with a local presence in both California and New York even if you are based in Phoenix; and expand your business beyond a brick and mortar building.VoIP for business offers a rich user experience that promotes a productive work environment with more options than ever before for virtual networking and telecommuting – resulting in less employee turnover and the ability to become flexible in a changing world.

Low Tech Internet Expansion


While building out the infrastructure for a broadband network is generally a high tech affair, in Vermont, it is exactly the opposite. In fact, it even harkens back to the days where there was nothing but horsepower available in order to do much of the work. And there is plenty of work to be done in Vermont in order to build out broadband services. Currently, the state ranks 46thout of the fifty in terms of connectivity. Much of this is because Vermont is covered with numerous small towns and communities that are separated by mountainous terrain which makes it difficult to run the proper wiring. In fact, some parts of the state are so rural they were without electricity until 1964. But one team consisting of man and beast is slowly working to bring all of Vermont online.With a contract to FairPoint Communications, an aging Belgian draft horse named Fred is part of a team bringing internet to all corners of Vermont by 2013. The horse, which is fourteen years old, and his owner, Claude Desmarais have been working seven days a week, 365 days a year in order to haul miles of fiber optic cables and then rig it to telecommunication lines. Much of this work being done by Fred and Claude is currently taking place in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, but there are other man and horse teams operating in other parts of the state.Officials with FairPoint Communications say the work the teams are doing is invaluable because they can reach hard to access jobs along country roads which may be too bulky utility trucks to navigate. In fact, Claude and Fred can do the work of about fifteen guys and pull 5,000 feet of cable with little to no problems.Sometimes Fred and Claude will work together with other FairPoint employees. Fred will tug a length of cable from a truck mounted reel and when it rises to a lineman he will then loop it through a lasher or device that slides along the line. By using this method, the cable is able to be linked together.Many of the residents also seem to appreciate this method of having Fred and Claude string the lines along. The pair will do much less damage to the surrounding area than a bulldozer or backhoe would do. In addition, the draft team can work throughout the harsh Vermont winters when snow can reach four or five feet in height. Fred can plow through it easily as Claude tries to stay warm.This movement is part of Governor Peter Shumlin’s Connect VT initiative which is trying to help the state catch up to the rest of the United States and the world, in general. In fact, the governor is promising more than $410 million in private, federal, and bonded capital for the broadband expansion project. Three companies are working together in order to bring high speed and affordable broadband internet to all of Vermont’s 620,000 residents who need coverage.